Why Adventist Education?

A Research Study Analyzes the Success of Adventist Education

A 4-year research study following 51,706 students at the elementary and high school level, enrolled in Adventist schools across North America, conducted by La Sierra University, is validating what parents, teachers, and students involved in Adventist education have known for years—that, on average, Adventist school students perform better.

Not only do students score a half-grade-level higher in all subjects on average, but the more years they attend an Adventist school, the more their average achievement jumps—up to the 73rd percentile.

The longer children attend Adventist schools, the higher their average achievement.

Whether an Adventist school is big or small, children can achieve on a higher level there.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the school is. It doesn’t matter how many students there are, or the number of grades per teacher—or even how many grades are in one classroom together. Children achieve at the same high level—an average of half a grade above predicted in all subjects.