Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 School Year

Registration & Entrance Fee$370.00
Classroom Supply Fee$50.00
Monthly Tuition$460.00 (x10)
Annual Total$5,020.00
*Multiple Children Tuition Discount: $15.00/child/month
*Prepay Annual Tuition in Full: 5.00% discount on annual tuition ($212.50)

EACA offers one of the best values in Christian education in Spartanburg County. Tuition is based on a ten-month school year. In an effort to streamline the way our classes run and to make the school “start up” easier for you, we have implemented a Classroom Supply Fee. This fee covers all consumable classroom supplies. Every child in each classroom will be supplied with exactly the same supplies. This will ensure that there is no delay in receiving supplies or misunderstanding what supplies are needed. The Classroom Supply Fee will not cover:

  • Kindergarten: Small blanket, small pillow, lunchbox, book bag, and water bottle.
  • Grades 1-8: Lunchbox, book bag, water bottle, and scientific calculator (for 7th and 8th grade)

The annual Registration/Entrance Fee covers the costs of registration, enrollment, and yearbook. Registration and classroom supply fees are non-refundable after July 25.

The Registration/Entrance Fee and Classroom Supply Fee are to be paid at the time of registration. The monthly tuition is due on the 25th of the previous month. (i.e., August tuition is due July 25, etc.) Accounts which are unpaid by the 5th of each month will place the student(s) on financial suspension until the account becomes current or acceptable arrangements have been made with the School Finance Committee. There will be a $45.00 service charge on all returned checks.

South Carolina Education Scholarship Trust Fund Program
If you are interested in a quality Christian education for your children but concerned about the cost, look at the Education Scholarship Trust Fund (ESTF) Program. The ESTF program provides $6,000 scholarships to qualifying South Carolina students. The South Carolina Department of Education administers the ESTF and has contracted with ClassWallet for programmatic support and to manage the distribution of scholarship funds to participating families. Learn more and get started below! The 2024-2025 school year application is now open and will close on March 15, 2024. For more information and to apply click here.


  • Spartanburg SDA Church Member Tuition Discount: $85.00/month
  • Multiple Children Tuition Discount: $15.00/for 2nd child/month
  • Prepay Annual Tuition in Full: 5.00% discount on annual tuition ($230.00)
  • Early Registration Discount (For Registration and Classroom Supply Fees paid before May 31, 2023: $50.00

Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch CostsPer MealPer Week
Grades K-3$4.00 ($5 on Friday)$21.00
Grades 4-8$4.50 ($5 on Friday)$23.00
*Friday’s pizza hot lunch includes two slices. Each additional slice is $1.00.

Eddlemon Adventist Christian Academy offers an optional plant-based hot lunch program, run by a Registered Dietician, as a convenience to parents.

All hot lunch orders must be pre-paid in the office. Payments by the month will be calculated according to the number of school days in each particular month. Purchase of hot lunch orders does not restrict a student to daily use. Although EACA makes every possible effort to maintain stable lunch prices, prices may be subject to change.