Payments & Donations

Payments for tuition, hot lunch program, fees, or to make a donation.

For your convenience, we provide a couple of online ways for you to make your payment or donation. To make a payment of tuition and fees, please fill out all required fields so we can connect it with the student’s account.

For donations… First of all, THANK YOU! Secondly, we have many generous people that help keep our school running well. Whatever you are able to give is always appreciated.

Please Note: If you prefer to use ACH (electronic fund transfer made between banks), you can do so by going to the Adventist School Pay website to make your payment.

Otherwise, continue to use the following form to make your payment or donation.

Here is an overview of tuition, fees, and the hot lunch program.

Registration & Entrance Fee$370.00
Classroom Supply Fee$50.00
Monthly Tuition$460.00 (x10)
Annual Total$5,020.00
*Multiple Children Tuition Discount: $15.00/child/month
*Prepay Annual Tuition in Full: 5.00% discount on annual tuition ($212.50)
Hot Lunch CostsPer MealPer Week
Grades K-3$4.00 ($5 on Friday)$21.00
Grades 4-8$4.50 ($5 on Friday)$23.00
*Friday’s pizza hot lunch includes two slices. Each additional slice is $1.00.