EACA Classes

Kindergarten and First Grade

The kindergarten and first grade classroom is led by Mrs. Kathy Bailey. Mrs. Bailey has taught at Eddlemon for just over thirty years and is now teaching children of former students who so greatly appreciated her teaching that they want their children to have the same privilege. Mrs. Bailey not only teaches her students all the curriculum areas, but also teaches them music, to be “peaceful, loving, and kind,” and to love Jesus. She believes in the balanced academic, social, physical, and spiritual development of each student. In addition to her teaching and music, her greatest joy is to see her students develop a love for Jesus. Her kindergarten and first grade classes provide students with a solid foundation in literacy and math.

Second and Third Grades

Mrs. Evelyn Quinteros leads the second and third grade classroom. Mrs. Quinteros is Eddlemon’s newest staff member. Among many talents, Mrs. Quinteros is known for her skill in helping students develop their literacy and math skills. She is also passionate about helping her students develop a forever friendship with Jesus.

Fourth and Fifth Grades

The fourth and fifth grade classroom is led by Mrs. Jacquelyn Green. Mrs. Green has taught at Eddlemon for four years and is known for loving her students and helping them develop math and literacy fluency. She is passionate about going the extra mile to help her students. She leads the school Outdoor Education Program and the Robotics Program.

Sixth-Eighth Grades

The sixth through eighth grade classroom is led by Mr. Randall Claus. Mr. Claus has taught at Eddlemon for three years and is known for his dissection and science labs, Saturday night game nights, and class trips. He also teaches Spanish, ukulele, and leadership skills.

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